Excel Subtract/Add Date Formulas

There is a number of ways for calculating the difference between two dates in Excel. You may get the number of days, months and years by using these ways along with adding or subtracting and getting the resultant dates.

DATEDIF Function in Excel

The Excel DATEDIF function takes the start date, end date, unit and calculates the difference in terms of days, months or years between these two dates. The unit specifies what you require; days, month, or years.

What are Excel FIND and SEARCH functions?

The FIND is case sensitive to return the position. The ‘C’ and ‘c’ has different meanings if you use FIND method to get the position of text in source string. The SEARCH function is case-insensitive. You may not use the ‘*’ and ‘?’ wildcards in the FIND function.

Excel VLOOKUP Function

the VLOOKUP in Excel is used to “look up” or find a value in a table. The V in VLOOKUP function stands for Vertical. That means the VLOOKUP function works for data organized vertically.