MS Excel Statistics – Usage by Job, Country, Industry & App Downloads

Different statistics of Microsoft Excel – 2023

Microsoft Excel is the most popular spreadsheet program available in the World.

Different statistics of Microsoft Excel - 2023

Microsoft Excel is the most popular spreadsheet program available in the World.

Microsoft first released MS Excel for Macintosh OS (by Apple Inc.) in the year 1985.

The first release of Excel for Windows OS was in 1987.

There are plenty of spreadsheet software available – both free and paid.

For example, in Linux’s Ubuntu OS, the default spread software is Calc. This is part of LibreOffice suite and it’s free of cost with plenty of features.

A few other popular spreadsheet software’s are:

And many more.

With the developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI), how come the spreadsheets could stay behind?

We have rows ai, which is an online spreadsheet solution for analyzing, summarizing, and transforming data by using AI power. You can check the basic things by using the Free version or go for the paid version for advanced features.

You may search for “spreadsheet software” in Google, Bing, DDG, or any other search engine and it returns a long list of available Office/Spreadsheet software.

However, Microsoft Excel - being the pioneer and timely updated with demands stands tall in the list of usage.

Below are a few statistics about MS Excel (till Sep 2023). As Excel is part of Microsoft Office 365 Suite, a few graphs below show data for 365 usage (rather only Excel).

Number of Excel users worldwide

In an interview (around 2017), Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella maintained that Excel had over 750 Million users and this is the most important Microsoft product.

According to another source, around 1.1 to 1.5 billion people use Excel around the world in 2023.

Note: No official figures are shared for the Excel usage plus the numbers shared on different websites do not clearly mention the methods – so you can take the figures/graphs below as an approximate idea.

Microsoft 365 Suite customers by country

The United States tops the list by a big margin for Microsoft 365 Suite customer numbers.

The US makes 34% which is followed by the United Kingdom (8%), Australia, Canada, and so on.

See the following graph for the top ten countries:



Users by Job functions

The second graph shows the usage of Excel by profession or job description.


Usage of different apps in the Google Play store

A comparison can also made by the usage of smartphone apps for different spreadsheets for their popularity.

As of September 2023, the following are number of downloads, reviews, and star ratings of different apps in the Play Store:

Spreadsheet App Downloads Reviews
Google Sheets 1 Billion+ 1.11 M with 4.4 Rating
Microsoft Excel: Spreadsheets 1 Billion+ 4.8 M with 4.6 Rating
Excel Spreadsheet: Sheets App 500K+ 1.66K with 3.6 Rating
Zoho Sheet - Spreadsheet App



100K+ 1.97K+ with 3.8


You may see that Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel are almost at the same level while the third one is half of both apps – as for downloads are concerned.

Similarly, the number of reviews is hugely different.

Office 365 data based on industry usage

Below is the graph that shows the usage of Office 365 suite based on industry usage.

Construction is the leading industry in this category which is followed by Retail, IT, and so on. Have a look: