The Excel Checkbox form control

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to create checkbox (also called tick box) in the Excel sheet. This is followed by a few examples of using it for different tables, so you can see checkboxes in action.

A brief about line graphs

The line graph (also called line chart) is used to display the data graphically that change over the period of time.
The markers or data points in line chart are connected by the straight lines. Generally, the line charts are used for visualizing the trends over the intervals like year on year, or month on month etc.

Creating Hyperlinks in Excel

The hyperlinks are useful for linking the other sheets or files and external URLs in cells of Excel. There is a number of ways for creating the Excel hyperlinks. Let us look at these ways one by one with examples.

INDEX Function in Excel

The Excel INDEX function requires the position and range and returns the value based on that position. If you do not know the position, you may get this by using MATCH function.

Excel Dropdown List

In this tutorial, I will show you how to make dropdown list in Excel with examples. Not only will I show you ways of how to create dropdown but how to use its values in different formulas as well.